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College will remains closed on 25 to 30 Oct 2019 on occasion of DIWALI

Date of Commencement of Classes of Odd Semester is 05 August 2019

All student of VCTM are advised to attend the classes for securing 75% attendance

All student are advised to come to college in proper uniform

VCTM Organising Fresher's party-"SHUBHARAMBH" for new comers on 5-Oct-2019

Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machines Lab

This Lab is intended to make the students aware of the all the aspects which comes under the fluid flow. The experiments include flow measurement, practical applications of the basic principles of fluid mechanics and the study of major tools used. The hydraulics lab comprises of the performance tests of pumps and load tests on turbine test rigs.

The Major equipments include:

·         Flow Apparatus

        Venturimeter & Orificemeter

·         Orifice & Mouth piece

·         Pitot Tube

·         Reynold’s Apparatus

·         Notches (V & Rectangular type)

·         Metacentric Height Apparatus

·         Bernouli’s Theorem Apparatus

·         Losses Determination Apparatus

·         Test Rigs of Francis Turbine

·         Kaplan Turbine

·         Pelton Turbine

·         Centrifugal Pump

·         Reciprocating Pump

·         Jet Pump

·         Gear Pump

·         Submersible Pump

·         Hydraulic Ram


Machine tool Laboratory

The objective of Machine Tool Lab is to train students with different operations that can be carried out on lathe and milling machine .The students are well trained to prepare the models on lathe and milling machine. They also gain knowledge about different measuring devices like sine bar , vernier caliper etc.

The Major equipments include:

·         All Geared Lathe

·         Cone Pulley Lathe

·         Universal Milling Machine

·         Bench Drilling Machine

·         Planning Machine

·         Power Hacksaw

·         Bench Grinder

Advanced Machine tool Laboratory

This lab emphasizes the use of different types of machines used in production field and make the students apt for the industry. To study the principle of operation, work holding and different operations of reciprocating machines like slotter and shaper. This lab acknowledges the scope of Computers in production technology and different expert systems used in manufacturing.

The Major equipments include:

·         Slotting Machine

·         Shaping Machine

·         Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder

·         Radial Drilling Machine

·         Capston Lathe with Turret Head

Heat Engines Laboratory

This lab makes the student understand about the design concepts and principles of various engine components. It also imparts basic knowledge to students with respect to transmission system of automobiles and will enable the student to understand the latest developments in the field. This lab promotes the ability to select the appropriate strategy and equipment needed to perform a repair task. The heat engines lab comprises of the performance tests on various engines.

The Major equipments include:

·         Petrol Engine Test Rig

·         Diesel Engine Test Rig

·         Flash and Fire Point Apparatus

·         Say Bolt Viscometer Apparatus

·         Junker’s Gas Calorimeter Apparatus

·         Cut Section Models & Working Models

Metrology & Mechanical Measurements Laboratory

This lab enables students to be familiar with the concepts of measurement. Students are trained to handle different measurement instruments like profilometer, strain gauges etc. The importance of dimensions in the industry and a close study of accuracy during manufacturing and machining various mechanical components.

The Major equipments include:

·         Profile Projector

·         Tool Makers Microscope

·         Roughness Measuring Instruments

·        Pressure Measuring & Calibrating System

·         Vibration Measuring System

·         Force Measuring System

·         Non Contact Temperature Measuring Instrument

·         Digital Stroboscope

·         Dual Channel Strain Gauge Indicator

·         Apparatus for Calibration of Rota Meter

·         Water Meter



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